What is it?
Aggressive behavior - one of involuntary ways which the human body "tries" to reduce high internal voltage. Manifestation of rage or aggression can remain sufficient time and disturb the victim and people around.
Irritation, discontent, anger (on any even to an insignificant occasion);
Drawing to people around of blows hands or any subjects;
Verbal abuse, abuse;
Muscular tension;
Increase of a blood pressure.
What to do if it appeared nearby?
Minimize quantity of people around.
Give to the victim the chance "to exhaust" (for example, to be uttered or beat a pillow).
To charge work with high physical activity.
Show benevolence. Even if you do not agree with the victim, do not accuse him, and pass an opinion on its actions. Otherwise the aggressive behavior will be directed on you. It is impossible to speak: "That you for the person!". It is necessary to speak: "You awfully are angry, everything wants to carry to you into smithereens. Let's together try find a way out of this situation".
Try to relieve the tension ridiculous comments or actions but only in case it is pertinent.
Aggression can be extinguished by fear of punishment, if:

- there is no purpose to receive benefit from aggressive behavior;
- punishment strict and the probability of its implementation is great.

At the end it would be desirable to tell that often the help and support of people around in time and right after tragic events help the person to cope with a grief, not to get further to a vicious circle of fear, fault and a despair.